Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Zine Review: Dreams of Donuts 19

Zine Review: Dreams of Donuts

Zine Review: Dreams of Donuts


Comic, Heather Wreckage, Issue 19,, $2

Sometimes, writers of autobiographical comics fall prey to the urge to show themselves in the best light, glamorize details of their lives to make them seem more interesting than they are, or to avoid uncomfortable truths because that’s, you know, challenging. None of these are true of Heather Wreckage’s most excellent new instalment of Dreams of Donuts, and I for one am happy that she is still producing this photocopied gem.
I remember trading zines with Heather years ago and it’s great to see how her zine and its unique imagery — mermaids, donuts, and tacos — have developed and evolved. Topics include thoughtful ruminations on dating, local history, and reflections on the music scene.
Like fellow west coast comic zinesters Carrie McNinch and Nicole Georges, Heather is able to mine the material of her own life in such a way that even a benign event like going to a show or a bummer event like a breakup can be an opportunity to learn something. Earnest, sincere, made for punx – this is definitely worth the two bucks. (Chris Landry)
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This is so sweet!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Crude Studs Tour

I am so lucky and honored to get to go on tour with the Crude Studs tomorrow!  I've always wanted to go on tour with a band, since it's like, totally punk brah, but I don't drive so I never get invited. Til now!  I'm so glad I have such tight friends; see ya soon SoCal!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gettin' Magical

Dreams of Donuts #21

This isn't the whole issue, since I didn't really feel totally comfortable scanning all of it (it's personal stuff yo), ordering info is at the top of this page, and I'm also always down for trades.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dreams of Donuts #21

Dreams of Donuts #21 is done, and you can order it for $2 at 5867 San Pablo Ave, Oakland CA 94608.  A bit from the intro: "This issue seemed like a good idea at the time.  I remember the exact moment I had it; it was mid-September, and I was sitting in the sun writing in my diary.  On a whim I started flipping back to old entries, and the bulb of the idea was switched "on".  I say it was a good idea at the time , because almost immediately after illustrating a couple of entries, I realized that this in fact was a terrible idea."
This issue is selected diary entries of mine from 2012 to 2013, illustrated as usual, and to be honest it's pretty boring and depressing.  To be really, really honest, when I printed it out today, I really regretted making this issue, not nessisarily because of how embarrassing parts are for me to share, but more so because it just seems kind of like a waste of all the time I invested in making this.  Either way, can't change it now, and I am walking away from this issue more motivated to make Dreams of Donuts #22 great.  Order if you dare.

Monday, March 9, 2015

In Regards to Eric McDavid and the Sacramento News and Review

One more thing for today; one of the last times I was in Sacramento I read this article in the Sacramento weekly the Sacramento News and Review, which I thought was pretty decent coverage of Eric's long sought release (CONGRATS ERIC!!!), but it also brought to memory something they published in 2007 that totally horrified me.  A little blip called the Top Ten Most Annoying Things of 2007, they had the audacity to say this:
7. Eric McDavid
Goes on a hunger strike to protest the lack of a vegan menu in the Sacramento County Jail. Last I heard, you could get all the tossed salad you want in that place.
Which is exactly the reason I have no respect for that fucking paper.