Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Order of the Gash flier

My roommate and bestie Sophia from the Crude Studs (and what studs they are!) has recently been deep cleaning our house, and in the process is digging up history!  Among many other old fliers and photos, she found this gem that I did for a free show that Order of the Gash (Portland, I think?) played here in Sacramento.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Angry Samoans/Crude Studs Flier

This took me a while, I think because the image was originally Sophie's idea.  I never thought I would be drawing an Angry Samoans flier ( I don't think I've ever even heard their music ) but the Crude Studs are my homies, so I had to do their flier right.  Either way, I hope that a lot of people attend this show since it's a new space and we should support any alternative venue we can get here in Sacramento, as well as the fact that a lot of bands don't like to pass through here, so we should give them a reason to want to.  Plus the Crude Studs totally rule.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Atlanta Zine Fest

  I have been talking about moving back to Oakland for a couple of months now, with June being the month I would go.  But recently I had a change of heart.  It was partially due to a kind of mental breakdown type thing, of remembering emotions I had felt while living my last month there that I was incapable of dealing with, but also through that realizing and being so grateful for my amazing support network here in Sacramento.  So I decided to stay put in the Central Valley for the time being.
  The positive of that decision, is that all the money I had saved to move is now free for me to use for other interests.  So I decided to do one of my favorite things, and go to a newer zine fest in a city I have never been to before.  This time it's Atlanta.
  I'm really excited to go and take a vacation, but since I have never been there, if any of you readers know any cool houses, venues, etc, etc, in Atlanta, drop me a line!  I will be there in the beginning of June for five days or so.
  In addition to Atlanta, I also plan to stop off at two other zine fests in August (Portland and San Francisco).    San Francisco is a little intimidating, since that's where the big guns go, but I figure it's close so I might as well.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Goat Skull

  Drinking and drawing go together better then peanut butter and jelly ever could. 
  Oh ya, and here's the old Slingshot organizer cover that I did.