Monday, August 19, 2013

Ghost Snail

It's really fucking weird, but lately when I wake up I've seen snail trails on my carpet and there are little holes in any paper I leave on the floor.  I've never actually seen the snail, and have no idea where it lives or how it's getting in here, but it definatly exists.  That being said, I left this flyer on the floor one night and a snail ate a hole in it.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Abandoning plans and mixtapes

  I was supposed to be on a Greyhound bus last night and in Portland within the next two hours from now, but instead I'm laying in my bed drinking coffee.  For two or three months, whenever I would think about going to Portland I would just start to feel stressed about the trip and it would ruin my day.  I'm not sure why, it just happened, I guess there were some factors about visiting Portland this year that were different then years past, but my anxiety was starting to feel out of control.  Cutting back on coffee and taking herbal stress relief pills weren't helping either.  Yesterday when I woke up, immediately stressed, and started to pack, I decided "fuck it, I don't want to go so why am I going?". and I stayed home.
  I have just come out of a year long depression and really don't want to end up back in one.  I know triggers for me can be making myself do things I don't want to do or stressballing to the point where I lose it.  I think it was the right thing for me to do for myself and have no regrets. I will miss seeing all the rad zines at the symposium, but maybe next time.
  In other news, I made a mixtape...  I'm not sure why I ended up putting so much effort into illustrating a track listing for a tape so short.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MRR Review

In the new issue of Maximum RocknRoll (#364) Dreams of Donuts #17 gets a pretty nice review! 

Dreams of Donuts #17
This cute little comic-zine really amused me.  Heather is currently living in Sacramento, but used to live in the Bay.  Part of this issue is about a visit she recently made back to Oakland.  It was interesting to see places I've been to mentioned.  This girl is a pretty talented artist, as well.  While her artwork is relatively simple, sequential art is really hard to do and despite this, her stories were very coherent and readable.  Props!  She also interviewed a friend of hers about his walking-trip from Reno Nevada to Seattle Washington.  I really appretiated that this story isn't a Crimethinc. tale- no one's life problem's get fixed forever by having an amazing adventure.  The dude does this amazing thing and is still kind of sad and miserable afterwards.  However, based on the kinds of things this guy says in the interview, I don't think I really like him as a person and that made it hard for me to appreciate this particular part of the zine.  Overall, I'd say this is a really cute perzine that reps local Cali shit.  I'd like to keep my eye on it.  It doesn't hurt that Heather mentions people I know in her acknowledgments sections.  I love to see my buddies get props!  (AR)

See, it's nice!  Thanks AR!  Also I got in the zine top 10!!!

P.S. Sacto's own RAD get's an interview in this issue too by Sacto's own Ken Fury.