Monday, May 30, 2011


  The weather has been snowing and I've been trapped inside a lot of the time, so here's a new painting I finished today.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dreams of Donuts #12!

  I finally finished Dreams of Donuts #12 a while on a two week vacation in Sacramento before I took off traveling.  Now I'm out in Bozeman, Montana, trapped by the gnarly weather but fortunate enough to be at Villa Villikula with dear friends and loads of homebrew.  Since I'm out and about and can't really do zine orders or stock any stores, my friend Ryan has helped me scan the whole zine, so you can just read it right here.  I've been working on #13 a lot already, so expect it soon.  Enjoy!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Previous Press

  I'm currently traveling the country alone, so I won't really be able to do dolls and such.  I will update with zines and any paintings/sketchings I do if I have access to a digital camera.  I plan on settling down again sometime in the fall, location unsure yet, but I'm sure when I am a homebody again I will start up the dolls.
  In the mean time, here's some links to previous press I've gotten from zines and whatnot.

  One of the last issues of Slingshot I did a bunch of art as well as writing two articles, the first on the Oakland Gang Injunctions and the second on a house called the Safehouse.
  My friend and blooming journalist Stephanie wrote this article a little before the first ever and only Sacramento Zine Fest: Sacramento Zines
  In this next one Dave Nelson, an awesome comic artist, name drops me in this interview: Dave Nelson Interview
  I found this page just now, and have never seen it before, but apparantly I donated my zine to a library and they wrote this.
  Here's a blog post about the time I went to the Houston Zine Fest, although they got a lot wrong, like my name and how I got there and how many zines I had.