Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thrillhouse Art Show Shenanigans

    Eggplant planned a big reception show on September 22nd, so I made my first visit back to the bay area since I moved.  Honestly, my first day in Oakland was super nerve-wracking for me.  I don't know why my last relationship fucked me up so bad exactly, but being in the same town and seeing all the same things was really hard on me.  Hailey Bop did her best to make me feel better with letting me share her room and taking me out to do fun stuff, so thanks gurrrl!
   The show at Thrillhouse went really fucking well.  I hung mostly paper from Dreams of Donuts #14 and #15, along with a handful of paintings.  The bands that played were mostly buddies and it was really rad.  I got to see Heathurzz and The New Happiness

 for the first time, as well as Eggplants band (?)

 and Contact

 from good old Sacramento.
  The show will be up til November 2nd, so I might add a little stuff here and there.
  The only thing I regret about the show is how drunk I got, cuz I don't remember a lot of it.  Also, most the bands associated with the Purple House canceled, so part of me got really hyper sensitive about that.
  I miss the bay area a lot, along with my super wonderful bay area friends (like Eggplant, who makes shows like this happen), so I really need to figure out a way to get over my anxiety with being there.  I'll probably be back again soon, though, (I'm going to bring my mom to thrillhouse cuz she really wants to see it).
                                         Muah hanging stuff
                                        Freemountain Pulsewave
                                         Drunk with Contact

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Maximum Rocknroll Review

  My friend Tim told me yesterday that Dreams of Donuts #14 has been reviewed in the new issue of MRR, so I found it today to read it, and here it is:

Dreams of Donuts #14
Who among us Bay punx doesn't have a Hellarity House story of their own?  One of my more recent Hellarity memories involves showing up on Halloween with a posse of Misfits carolers and nobody recognized the songs?!  What the fuck!  Hellarity House was a long-term punk squat in Oakland that was on the rumored brink of collapse for years and yet managed to have an incredible run in a town that is ruthlessly aggressive to squatters despite having a huge house-less population.  Heather Wreckage chronicles one punk's experience in a brilliant comic format, exposing the good, bad, and downright ugly of the legend that is Hellarity House, or "Home Sweet Hell".  Someone had to do it, and I'm so glad this rad girl has stepped up to tell the tale and not some Old Crow-soaked crustlord waxing nostalgic.  Essential!  (FF)

  I was scared to read it because MRR isn't always very nice to me, but this review is SOOO fucking sweet!  I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was reading it!  Thanks MRR and FF, and Tim too for telling me about it.

  I noticed this issue of MRR has a lot of Sacramento-centric reviews.  Well, maybe not a whole lot, but a few.  My roommates band Rat Damage has one, as well at Tim's band Bucket Flush, plus one for Rad and Charles Albright.

Thrillhouse Show Indybay Event

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Crude Studs Poster

  Sophia from the Crude Studs is one of my bestest friends in the world.  Since she does so many nice things for me, I wanted to do something nice for her, so I drew her band a poster.


  Im going to try to do some illustration for the next issue of slingshot.  I assume there is going to be an article about Anka's scary ass experience with ICE, since that's a pretty big deal in the bay area, so I did this drawing of Anka to accompany the article (if it happens).  I kinda botched the face, Anka is much prettier then this in real life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New, New, New!

  Oh my fuckin' gawd, my room is such a mess right now of unfinished projects.  I can't fucking focus, so I'll work on 5 things at once instead of just sitting down and finishing on thing at a time...
  But at least I've completed these lately...
  Penelope and Somi...

  New Doll ( I wanted to add a dunce hat but it looked better on a different doll so I left it plain)...

  And picked green beans!  I did this with Aaron again, this time we used rice and plum vinegar, plus we added ginger, garlic, black and white sesame seeds, and chiles.

  New stuff on the way.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Art Show at Thrillhouse Records

  I guess this was supposed to be a surprise party type thing for me that Eggplant was doing, where he would put up a bunch of my original illustrations and have my friends bands play and then lure me out there and surprise me.  But I found out about it, so now I'm gonna bring some new stuff too.  I think it's really sweet that these bay area folks are doing this, especially Robert.  So thanks ya'll, see ya on the 22!

Reposted from here:

Heather Wreckage Art Exhibition and Opening PArty

                           OUT FROM THE WRECKAGE
                                           The Collected, Rejected, & Recent Works of Punk Artist Heather Wreckage
Heather Wreckage is a California born punk artist who has contributed her fine handy work to essential underground earth shakers like the Slingshot CollectiveOccupy OaklandHellarity Ensues Squat/house--as well as consistantly rock her zineDreams of Donuts. Now her friends are coming together to celebrate her art at the Bay Area's premiere DIY punk store Thrillhouse Records. Her art on display includes originals of fliers, her zines, illustrations to Slingshot Newspaper and asundry doodles. The show goes up September 11th and stays there until November 2nd. Viewing the art is free as well as the opening party happening Saturday September 22nd.

On the 22nd Heather Wreckage will unveil recent works with her friends performing music to intoxicate you. Contact form Sacramento, Awesome from Oakland, Waxy Tombs from SF, Freemoutain Pulsewave (featuring the guy from A Magic Whistle), Milk & Blood (featuring John Benson), The New Happiness (from Hell), Heatherz from Oakland and a couple of surprises all will make you quit your job and join underground artist movements.

Bring a copy of your zine to trade Heather for her new issue..which will be available on the shelf at Thrillhouse (3422 Mission St) and Long Haul in Berkeley(3124 Shattuck Ave).

Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Been Fun

  Sooo....I started this painting a WHILE ago.  Actually, in October or September of 2011, when I was living at Hellarity in the boiler room.  This canvas was in the living room, and Tony had put a dog with breasts on it with puff paint (or something).  During a house deep cleaning, it was gonna get tossed, so I grabbed it and started this.  It was meant to be my goodbye painting to Hellarity, since I was planning on moving to Seattle at the time.  Anywho, it took me til NOW to finish it!  And I didn't really finish it the way I wanted to, I half assed the girl in the middle cuz I'm so sick of working on this thing.  I like that in the right lighting you can still see the crude boob doodle behind it.

Dreams of Donuts "Banner"

  I made this to bring with me to the Portland Zine Symposium to decorate my table with, since most vendors really go above and beyond to make their folding table into a unique form of art.  But I didn't bring it, because my roommate Thomas kept commenting on how creepy it was, and I figured I might be repelling more customers with it then attracting.  But I really like it, so maybe I'll bring it to my next event...

Dreams of Donuts #1-10 Anthology

  I made this before I started this blog, but I just wanted to remind the world that I have a Dreams of Donuts #1-10 Anthology issue.  It is all first ten issues of Dreams of Donuts shrank down into one tiny book.  I really wish I could remember the year I started making comics, but this anthology is a couple years of my life documented on paper.

  I also feel like I should remind people that my preferred method of selling zines is through mail order.  So, if you want to buy one of my zines, you should email me ( for my address and we can do this.  Prices are...
Dreams of Donuts #1 - $2
Dreams of Donuts #2 - $2
Dreams of Donuts #3 - $1
Dreams of Donuts #4 - $2
Dreams of Donuts #5 - $2
Dreams of Donuts #6 - $2
Dreams of Donuts #7 - $2
Dreams of Donuts #8 - $2
Dreams of Donuts #9 - $2
Dreams of Donuts #10 - $2
Dreams of Donuts #1-10 Anthology - $6
Dreams of Donuts #11 - $2
Dreams of Donuts #12 - $2
Dreams of Donuts #13 - $2
Dreams of Donuts #14 - $5
Dreams of Donuts #15 - $2

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I Did While I Was Sick...

  The first thing I did was with my friend Aaron (of Buk Buk Bigups) who was also getting sick, which was make pickled onions and carrots.  After studying recipes here and there, we kinda just decided to wing it, and I think it went fine.  We are going to try to make this a regular thing,  so up next should be green beans and pearl onions.

  The next thing I did was make this new plush doll.  Honestly, I'm still sick, so it might not be done yet.  This doll was inspired by a dream of mine.