Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Hellarity House Works

    The Hellarity House is debatably the longest running squat in the bay area.  It's been open for about 15 years to activists, anarchists, punks, hippies, queers, wingnuts, and just about everyone in between as a home, a place to stay while traveling, a resource center for showers, food, literature, internet, and it has been my home since moving to Oakland in January of last year.
    Currently Hellarity is in danger of closure.  The current owner has been attempting to file an ejection against the residents (an ejection is a form of eviction) and has been trying to sue certain residents from past and present that are on the court case.  If it comes to pass that Hellarity is shut down, over 20 people will lose their home, including myself, and the bay area will lose a landmark.
    I wanted to document some of the artwork I have done in the house since moving their since the house, and all the art in it, might be gone soon.

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