Saturday, May 21, 2011

Previous Press

  I'm currently traveling the country alone, so I won't really be able to do dolls and such.  I will update with zines and any paintings/sketchings I do if I have access to a digital camera.  I plan on settling down again sometime in the fall, location unsure yet, but I'm sure when I am a homebody again I will start up the dolls.
  In the mean time, here's some links to previous press I've gotten from zines and whatnot.

  One of the last issues of Slingshot I did a bunch of art as well as writing two articles, the first on the Oakland Gang Injunctions and the second on a house called the Safehouse.
  My friend and blooming journalist Stephanie wrote this article a little before the first ever and only Sacramento Zine Fest: Sacramento Zines
  In this next one Dave Nelson, an awesome comic artist, name drops me in this interview: Dave Nelson Interview
  I found this page just now, and have never seen it before, but apparantly I donated my zine to a library and they wrote this.
  Here's a blog post about the time I went to the Houston Zine Fest, although they got a lot wrong, like my name and how I got there and how many zines I had.

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