Thursday, February 23, 2012

Berkeley Mardi Gras Float

  Every year in Berkeley, after a series of parties, there is a Mardi Gras parade through the city.  It starts at dawn and is pretty much a bunch of wingnuts dressed in costumes and getting intoxicated, with floats made out of shopping carts to boot.  Its really fun.
  This year we saw more floats then in previous years.  There is always a giant frog on a lily pad that the parade revolves around, which on a normal day you can spot on the porch of the purple house. But in addition to that we saw a float from Elisa and Stormy of a rocket ship:

 one from Dave and John of the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center that Occupy Oakland tried to take over recently (it was supposed to have a stereo playing anti-police gangster rap, but it broke):

 a mayan temple from Reverend Jim, and my own float.
  Somi and Penelope wanted their own float and thought of the idea, a Froghorse, or a Unifrog, whichever you prefer.  Jim provided the wheels, the bottom to one of those jogging baby strollers, and James and I did the rest.  So here are some before shots:

and here is the final product:

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