Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Slingshot Review

  Eggplant (who happens to be my old roomie from Hellarity) wrote a review of Dreams of Donuts #13 for Slingshot.  I'm not really sure how I feel about this review, in all honesty it kind of offended me.  I mean, come on, CAVE DRAWINGS?  Geez, thanks Eggplant.  But whatever, I love the guy.
  Seriously though, I do my zine for fun, not for you.  Well, maybe for you too.  But for me mostly.  It kind of feels like a job now, and I need that to get by a lot of the time.  And, comics take a really long time to draw, so yes, Dreams of Donuts is always behind on the times, and it always and forever will be.  Thats just a fact of life.
  P.S. That address is NONEXISTANT now!

Dreams of Donuts #13

836 57th St.

Oakland CA 94608

Heather Wreckage, the dreamer of this, really gets it. She knows the issues important to the activist anarchist scene well, and can still have a good time worth writing about. It's all largely done in a comic style. This particular issue, the characters look shaded and more rounded, making them rise up from the page and their usual state of two dimensions. The eye candy appeal of it all out shines what is easiest to criticize -- the flat story telling. The events pass thru the pages almost as if Heather is just making a list of the baddest ass moments of the past couple months. If you are not part of her inner circle it may not interest you. But in some ways what she makes here are like cave drawings of our culture. She is giving honors to the rare bunch of DIY punks around her. Their sparks of resistance and fleeting experiences are reinterpreted by her hand making them concrete. She made this issue during the Oakland Commune--but unfortunately it only has a one-page representation of those heady times. In this regard she is like No Gods No Mattress -- reporting on things months later. That story and more will be in #14.


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  1. What Eggplant meant by "cave drawings" was that it is a record of very recent events that would otherwise go unrecorded. It wasn't an art criticism by any means. I got his meaning anyway. It was a compliment coming from him, trust me. ---mickierat.