Saturday, July 14, 2012

Makers Mart Interview

I did a tiny interview for the Makers Mart blog.  It was supposed to be longer and in person, but I was too busy and moving so my house is chaotic as fuck.  It's tomorrow, and my friend Phil is going to share my table with me, so hopefully it will go well and I won't feel like the jankiest artist there (all the other merch is hella fancy!!!)  You can see the interview here.

In other news, I finished Dreams of Donuts #15 yesterday (thanks phono select for letting me use your stapler!), and will scan it when I am around a scanner.

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  1. Hey! my name is Maren I was selling the vegan whoopie pies. I attempted to get your info from Whitney but without hearing from her I am resorting to this. Anyway I have a ton of whoopie pies left over and I am not into wasting anything so was wondering if you wanted to take some off my hands. Free of charge of course just not wanting to waste them if you enjoyed them, might as well give you some. I meant to check out your zines as I am a HUGE fan but by the time I was over it I was OVER IT. Next time. I also throw craft fairs, my last 2 were at the yoga seed collective on 14th and E. if your interested in more crafting events lets chat. Here's my email let me know about Whoopies. Thanks..