Sunday, November 18, 2012

Old Stuff

  This stuff was done during my stay at Hellarity, and was rescued from my trash by Robert Eggplant.  I have it now since I went to take down my art show at Thrillhouse, and it's pretty weird to see these things again.  I was usually the one at Hellarity asked to make flyers for shows, which is what two of these are, and the other two are just products of my depressing doodling when James and I were seperated and not getting along in 2011 but still neighbors.

P.S. That Trash Axis show was REALLY good.  They were a crusty, heavy band from San Diego, and I hope they're still in existance.  Secondly, after that Holy! Holy! Holy! show I was told that one of the members has been accused of assault in Portland and avoided accountability, so by having this up I'm not saying I support that or them in anyway.  I understand it's an allegation, I'm not saying that person is/isn't guilty, I'm just saying what I heard.  And lastly, those ARE Sisters of Mercy lyrics on the top one.  Cheesy goth-move, I know, but I was really bummed!


  1. TrashAxis still exists and are celebrating their eighth anniversary next week! Source: I play guitar for TrashAxis haha Thanks for making the flyer and the nice shout out. This was one of the funnest shows we've played. We're honored to have had a chance to play for Hellarity and its awesome crew.