Sunday, December 30, 2012


  I'm glad that I have a hair of a mention in these two zines, because I really like them both and am glad I can talk about them on this blog.
  The first is the new installment of Absolutely Zippo, "Collective Chaos", which is  a collection of bay area show flyers from 1988 to 2012.  My claim of note in this issue is in the acknowledgements, of people "who influenced the way I did fliers", I get my name listed.  Thanks Eggy!
   This zine is great.  It's pretty much an illustrated history of East Bay bands and venues.  It starts out with a lot of Blatz shows in yards or at Gilman, and advances to a medely of east bay events and news, like movie nights, pirate radio stations, house shows, etc.  Most of the fliers are done by Eggplant, and you really get a taste of his style.  I'm assuming you can order this zine from him at: P.O. Box 4985, Berkeley CA 94704.

  Next is the new issue of No Gods No Mattress (#18), the Hawai'i 510 issue, all about Enola going to Hawaii with friends. 
  My mention in this one isn't quite a mention, but on page 71 Enola uses on of my pages for the slingshot organizer as the background, which in my book is reason enough to talk about this zine. 
  This zine is also really great.  Enola shares her experiences visiting Hawaii and feeling more and more bothered by tourism and colonialism, not to mention white hippies.  During her stay she doesn't really feel like she finds natives or glimpses of native culture amid the sea of the tourism and white hippie/weed culture, except for in books at the library.  In the very end is the political article she wrote for the last issue of Slingshot based on her trip. 

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