Friday, February 8, 2013

Maximum Rock and Roll #358

  I got a review for Dreams of Donuts #16 in the new Maximum Rock and Roll, and it is so fucking sweet!  I also got in the zine top ten, which I've always wanted!!!  Fucking thanks MRR and Julia Booze!  Here's the review:

Dear loyal zine review readers, I know sometimes it seems like I like everything, and maybe my standards are continuously reaching as far below zero as the Fahrenheit in MPLS (dude, we're grading on a curve here!) but hear me out.  I love this.  Let's first understand what we're dealing with.  Awesome comic, funny in the ways you would expect, cleverly rendered and punk as fuck.  It entirely assumes the reader is returning, no hapless explainations for newbies, which makes for an immediate connection.  Heather talks about all the same struggles most humans face.  Displacement, heartbreak, begrudging appreciation for one's home no matter how shitty it seems, family bullshit, negotiating traveling and penniless-ness and needing to carve out space in life to just heal - even when that means facing the reality of not living up to so many goals than were made as anti-depression tactics in the first place.  I just can't recommend this enough.  (JB)

Also in this issue Enola's zine No Gods No Mattress has a review too!

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