Friday, April 26, 2013

Interview with Z.F. Thrimej of the zine When Deadlines Become Zombies

Heather Wreckage (maker of comic zine Dreams of Donuts) answers 16 questions

During late January of this year, I had mailed the following questions to Heather. Around mid-February, I received her answers (along with her comic zines), also via snail mail. Here are the questions and her answers:
1. Is there a particular reason or reasons or story as to why you call yourself “Heather Wreckage”? If yes, what is that reason(s) or story?
I always wanted a punk moniker, so when I started Dreams of Donuts & had a stalker, I decided I could get away with it under the farce of “identity protection”.
2. If you found out that 24 hours from now you will die (and it would be a quick and painless death) and you could somehow maybe even magically do whatever you want with the last 24 hours of your life, what would you do?
I would probably just eat a lot of food & get really drunk. Maybe call my best friends.
3. If someone was to play you in a movie about you, who would it be? And/or have you ever been compared to or unintentionally reminded anyone of anyone else and/or anyone famous? If yes, who is it, or who are they?
I would want my best friend Hailey to play me, for sure. She would make it a comedy. When I was a kid I was often told that I looked like the Olson twins. As a teenager it was Courtney Love. Now I hear I look like the lady from Grimes.
4. What compliment have you received that you are proud of?
Recently Tomas (of the zine Rad Dad) spoke highly of my zine in an interview for the L.A. Zinefest, & that was so flattering!
5. Have you ever received a weird compliment? If yes, what was it?
I think because I’m a women I recieve weird compliments from predatory men all the time. But also one time my friend called my laugh a “bitch-cackle”, which I take as a compliment.
6. If you were a non-human creature, what would that creature be, and why?
Uh…that’s a tough one. Probably an elephant, I appreciate their sense of community.
7. What annoys you?
Lot’s of things. I’m a waitress, so jerk customers. Complaining, lack of empathy, wasted food, messes, I could go on forever but I don’t want to be negetive.
8. What’s your guilty pleasure(s)?
Beer and cigerettes, hands down. Also, burrito’s.
9. What is one of your most recent observations or discoveries of something cool or noteworthy or inspiring?
I moved away from Oakland cuz of a breakup with an abusive person & since then have been scared to go back. But last week I went back to work on the Slingshot newspaper, & I ran into my ex. But I felt fine! I wasn’t scared or anything, so I found that inspirational, like I had healed.
10. What 10 (or 20; depends on how curious, interested, or bored you might be) songs and/or albums are (for you) the most difficult to forget?
I can’t nessisarily list songs or albums, but I can list bands:
1. Chrome
2. The Who
4. Cowboy Killer
5. The Lost Sounds
6. Iceage
7. Nerve City
8. The Masters Apprentices
9. X-Ray Spex
10. The Talking Heads
11. Has there been any surprise highlights, lessons, and/or discoveries for you during your process of making mixtapes? If yes, what are they?
Not really. Recently my friend said he was obsessed with a song I put on a mixtape for him, & I was surprised, thats about it.
12. While you make mixtapes, have you ever intentionally sequenced songs (and/or recorded non-song material such as spoken word) in such a way that reveals something new or adds new levels of meaning, flavor, perspective, and/or significance to a previous or next track within the sequence? If so, can you give an example or examples of these sequences, or what they are?
13. (I’m not sure if the following question is too similar to question 9, but just in case it isn’t) what’s something good and recent that happened to you or that you experienced that was more and/or better than you expected?
Yes. I had  a bad breakup when I left Oakland, & recently I dated a friend & it was totally great.
14. Are there any particular goals that you’d like to accomplish or projects that you’d like to work on? If yes, what are they?
Mainly I would like to do an art show soon & also finish another issue of Dreams of Donuts. Also move out of Sacramento by the summer.
15. Have you ever experienced a moment in which you proved yourself and/or others wrong, and that moment is something you’re proud of? If yes, what is that moment (or moments, if you feel like sharing more than one)?
I prove myself wrong all the time. Either making a deadline or making a painting good that I thought would suck. Pretty much I prove myself wrong every day. As for other people, I can’t speak for them…
16. Is there anything in particular that you wish people would understand (or understand more) about you and/or your work? If yes, what is it?
I don’t really feel like people understand me, but I’m ok with that & kind of prefer it. I guess with art, I wish people could understand it takes a really long time to make a comic. I hear people complain a lot that my zine is out-dated. I also hear people say my writing is terrible, but I don’t have a high school diploma so what do they expect? I’m not fucking Shakespeare.

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