Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maximum Rock N Roll 360 Zine Reviews

  In the May issue of MRR, both Dreams of Donuts #15 and I Am What I Am are reviewed, although they're not the best reviews, in my opinion.  Oh well, you can't win them all.

I have always liked a graphic zine and this one happens to be about Occupy Oakland, but it eschews the political rants for a daily life narrative which is a pretty different perspective than most of the stuff I've read so far.  She talks about camping at the plaza and how rough it was, but then about the inspiring moments too.  There are some other stories in here about a couple houses around town and then some things about traveling.  As per usual with things written about places I lived or have lived, I got a little bogged down with trying to figure out who the fuck this person is (didn't).  Interesting read.
My own note, I love that although I make a zine that gets around pretty good, most people have no clue who I am due to my antisocial tendancies.

This is a really well drawn, but somewhat confusing comic of a write-up of a dramatic sketch regarding racism in the 60's feminist community.  The confusion only comes from it being kind of a photocopy of a photocopy of a seven person sketch told with illustrations of Siamese twins.  Sometimes conversations can seem trite to people that have the privilege of not having themand like beating your head against a wall for the kids that can't not have them, this zine does a pretty good job of bringing up racism in feminism.  This is at times dated, but poignant and still, unfortunately relevant.  The drawing and text are really cool, and this zine is definatly worth picking up if you like comics, feminism or discussions on racism.

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