Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Internation Zine Month

I got this in my email today, and all I could keep doing was smiling and saying "Awwwwwwwww" to my self.  Seriously, this is so sweet!  I guess I should be participating in the Zine month activities, but ya know, I've been kinda busy.  Maybe next year.

Subject: Happy International Zine Month
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 22:18:51 -0400

Hello Heather Wreckage,

Today's activity for IZM is to write a letter to a zine maker that you don't know. Which is harder than it sounds, because I know so very few zine makers and there are tons that I don't know. I figured I'd narrow it down by writing to someone I don't know, but who writes a zine I like. 

And I really like Dreams of Donuts (I picked it up 15 and 17 from you at the Atlanta Zine Fest). So that explains this email.

I hadn't encountered your zine before the zine fest. I love the mix of pages of text with full on comics and the covers on both of those issues are fantastic. The Occupy Oakland story was enlightening - all I ever saw of the Occupy Atlanta was people in tents. Never saw anything about the people doing anything (let alone so many meetings!). Of course, what I saw was limited by what the powers that be wanted me to see. Which is really my fault for not trying to find out more - so thank you for your take.

Oh and I know you wrote that nothing excited happened in 17 and it was boring and all that, but your writing is personal and honest (if it's fiction, you a damn good job as coming across as honest), and I found it a compelling read. Probably even more so than issue 15.

Anyway, I just peeped your blog and saw that #18 is now available and it too has an awesome cover, so I'll be ordering that soon.

I hope you're having a great International Zine Month.


ps. that goat skull is phenomenal!

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