Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Razorcake Review

  I got an order in the mail yesterday for the issue of Dreams of Donuts that was reviewed in Razorcake, but didn't remember mailing anything so had no idea which issue it was.  Fortunatly, Razorcake posts zine reviews on their website, so I was able to track it down as well as read it. The review's for #17, and although it's pretty nice, they did get the title wrong (Dreams and Donuts).  Unlike most reviews I get, though, this one barely mentions the art and instead focuses on the interview with Jimbo.  When I was working on 17, I was really passionate about including the interview with Jimbo, since it had struck such a deep cord with me.  But once it was finished, people didn't respond to the interview the way I thought they would.  A lot of people were rubbed the wrong way by his attitude, or simply didn't read the interview at all.  Point being, that is the thing I like the most about this review, that the reviewer talks mostly about the interview, and that they see how inspiring Jimbo is.  Thanks Steve Hart!

$2.00 ppd, 8 ½” x 11”, photocopied, 44 pgs. 

By Steve Hart
Thursday, November 21 2013

The interview with Jim, who walked from Sacramento to Seattle, is inspirational. Although I’ve hitched-hiked across America a few times in my twenties, (and unfortunately, walked for a few days across Iowa when I couldn’t catch a ride), I’ve always wanted to explore the country on foot. In the interview, Jim describes his depression and his desire to go for a long walk in search for freedom and adventure. I was also impressed with his honesty and openness in describing his depression. Issue #17 also includes a few stories in comic form about a trip to Oakland, drive-in theaters, and shitty Christmases. –Steve Hart (Heather Wreckage, 3913 Boyle Ct.Sacramento, CA, 95817)

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