Thursday, December 12, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons

  I have been pretty inactive with art lately due to a bunch of factors.  Friends came to town, which is probably the only positive factor, but also I had to deal with a leaky roof, a terrible cold (maybe it was the flu, either way I'm still not over it yet), and a flooded carpet which resulted in my landlord putting me up in a shitty motel room for a while.  My room is pretty much my "studio" and is still not totally fixed, but at least I am able to sleep in it now without it being a cold, icky swamp.
  Dreams of Donuts 19 is still in progress, as is this banner for my dear friend Vanessa (Hurricane in the Hellarity issue of DOD).  Vanessa is planning on making a documentary about our old home, Hellarity, and this should end up being the banner for the facebook page/website.  I think I heard the release date is being planned for November 2014, and will most likely be a must-see for punks galore.

  Also, just wanted to share some nice notes from the Screaming Queens and Lunchlady, was well as a sweet piece of mail I got from one of our incarcerated comrades (who unfortunatly was writing about the Razorcake review and used "Dreams and Donuts").

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