Thursday, January 30, 2014


I was recently gifted two very different zines by two very different friends, and wanted to tell you about how rad they are.  First up is Salty Dogs, by my good friend Eric Brose (I wrote about meeting him way back in Dreams of Donuts 12).  This zine is a journal-like account of Eric and his friend Roberts sailing adventure through the San Juan islands, and not only is it intimate and funny, bonus points go to Eric for including maps, historical information about towns, native plant observations, and all that fancy scientific stuff.  It's a great and entertaining read that I would highly recommend to landlubbers and sea hags alike, but unfortunatly I think I have the only copy right now, so you're gonna have to hang tight.

Next up we have the latest issue of No Gods No Mattress (issue 21).  Even if Enola D wasn't my friend, I'm pretty positive NGNM would still be my favorite zine.  The writing is always brutally honest, thought provoking, and totally relatable.  This issue starts of with Enola's bizarre experience working at the West Oakland staple Cafe Revolution, followed by her equally strange experience squatting at Maniac Mansion. Enola also shares her struggle with a recent break up and her struggle to maintain self care.  It's probably Enola's best issue of NGNM yet, and I know for a fact you can buy it at 1,2,3,4 Go Records (in Oakland) right now.

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