Thursday, July 3, 2014


The weird crappy computer Vanessa X and I share recently got stepped on (punks can't have nice things) so it's back to the Oakland Public Library for my computer needs.  Speaking of Vanessa X, she just finished Asswipe #6 yesterday, which is available for probably $2 or $3 at P.O. Box 1196, Oakland CA 94604!

Anyways, I recently got back on track with keeping stores stocked with Dreams of Donuts.  You can find them at 1234 Go Records and the Pegasus Books in downtown Berkeley, as well as Book Thug Nation in Brooklyn.  At Go Records, I finally was able to track down the new issue of Razorcake, which I've been hearing I have a zine review in, and it's TRUE!

Picked this baby up and I just couldn't put it down until the very end, and even than I flipped back through to gaze at all the lovely, bizarre, and truly awesome pictures.  I know Heather Wreckage as an incredible artist.  I've been lucky enough to have her design a couple of show flyers for us in the past, but my mind was truly blown by her funny, clever, and insightful little tidbit stories in this version of Dreams of Donuts.  From one female punk to another, it really spoke to me on so many levels.  Not to pigeon hole her zine to just feminist punk (would that really be so bad?!) but it's her  own personal narrative that she speaks, from tongue-in-cheek to brutally honest.  Highlights include weird escapades to rural punk shows, simple how-to's in zine making, bad punk haircuts (are you an offender??), the depths of despair in dating, into a thoughtful discourse on self-awareness, feminism, and gender politics surrounding punk shows (politics of the pit).  This issue also has an incredible contribution from Robert Eggplant on the history of 510-BAD-SMUT.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a phone number in the Bay Area that you can call for free to find out local DIY and independent happenings daily since 1996 and it's still around!  Each page is jammed packed with detailed images, both hilarious and, at times, deeply disturbing.  YOU'VE GOT TO GET THIS! -Camylle Reynolds

Wowee, thanks Camylle, what a review!

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