Saturday, July 19, 2014

Paper Trails #2

While in Sacramento last weekend visiting, I found some mail from Tim Collapse that contained their mag, Paper Trails #2.  Not only was I pleasantly surprised to find a zine review zine that is still being made (where'd the rest of em go???), but also that it contained a really nice review of Dreams of Donuts #17 (my only complaint being that it is listed as "Dreams and Donuts").  This zine is definitely worth checking out, because in addition to loads of zine reviews (which contain actual postal addresses to order zines with instead of just email addy's) it also has letters and book reviews.  You can inquire about ordering Paper Trails at: Tim Collapse/PO Box 72/Altamahaw, NC 27202

8/24/13 - Received Dreams and Donuts #17.  An outstanding comic zine by Heather Wreckage.  Her artwork is tremendous and she's not afraid to get wordy when necessary.  Mostly slice of life type stuff about her friends and trips she takes.  A really cool interview with her friend Jimbo, who in spite of depression travels from Nevada to Seattle on foot.  Don't expect a Mack Evasion style story here though where all the secrets of the universe are revealed through vagrancy, though.  The trip doesn't fix all his problems, but it's a great story of finding a positive way to cope with something rather than popping prescription drugs.  I can't recommend this one enough.

Thanks Tim!

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