Saturday, December 27, 2014

Submission for Balm Digest

I recently saw on We Make Zines (it's a really great concept for a website, kind of like a social networking thing for zine makers.  That said, it doesn't seem like a lot of people use it, myself included) a call for submissions for Balm Digest, a zine outta San Francisco, and decided to give it a go.  I've never actually contributed to another publication (other then Slingshot) but have always wanted to.  The subject for this coming issue is medium sized dogs, and I had a lot of options for what to write about since dogs have always been a presence in my life one way or another, but in the end I decided to write about finding Pearl, even though I already did in Dreams of Donuts 12 or something, and here it is!

In other news, the holidays suck a lot so keep your chin up.

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