Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Flier

Finished this one hungover in bed today while listening to Slice Harvester Radio (it's so great, you should definatly check it out as well as get your hands on his zine of the same name, who knew pizza reviews could be so damn funny and chock full of social commentary???) for my dear friends in Bitter Fruit.  Not only do I love them as people, I also love their music.  In fact, I would probably say they are the best band in the bay area.

(Their singer Jack did this portrait of them, not me.  Jack is a phenomenal artist)  Which got me to thinking, one of the cool things about punk is that your favorite bands are usually also your friends.  Like, when I was a teenager and you told me I would grow up to live with Robert Eggplant and get mail from Aaron Cometbus and Fly, I would think you were on LSD or something, but that's exactly what came to happen!  It's such a bummer to think about mainstream pop idols being so vastly distant from their fan base.

Anyways, this show is in Sacramento so I might not be able to go, but I'm really excited about Butch vs. Femme as well.  Apparently this is their reunion show, and I haven't seen them in the past, but I have seen one of their members solo project Valient Steed, which was an amazing one man band that blew everyone I 

knew away.  Unfortunatly Valient Steed is no more, like so many short lived things in this life style, but I'm optimistic that Butch vs. Femme will be equally the shit.  I'm gonna try to get outta work to go out there, and you should too.

Lastly, here's a drawing I started for my friend Enola D's birthday show/benefit that took place at the Boat last night (which is why I'm hungover today), but I didn't like it and was running out of time so I just didn't do it.  I'll probably never finish this but ya never know.

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