Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Zine Review: Dreams of Donuts 19

Zine Review: Dreams of Donuts

Zine Review: Dreams of Donuts


Comic, Heather Wreckage, Issue 19,, $2

Sometimes, writers of autobiographical comics fall prey to the urge to show themselves in the best light, glamorize details of their lives to make them seem more interesting than they are, or to avoid uncomfortable truths because that’s, you know, challenging. None of these are true of Heather Wreckage’s most excellent new instalment of Dreams of Donuts, and I for one am happy that she is still producing this photocopied gem.
I remember trading zines with Heather years ago and it’s great to see how her zine and its unique imagery — mermaids, donuts, and tacos — have developed and evolved. Topics include thoughtful ruminations on dating, local history, and reflections on the music scene.
Like fellow west coast comic zinesters Carrie McNinch and Nicole Georges, Heather is able to mine the material of her own life in such a way that even a benign event like going to a show or a bummer event like a breakup can be an opportunity to learn something. Earnest, sincere, made for punx – this is definitely worth the two bucks. (Chris Landry)
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