Saturday, May 9, 2015

Maximum Rock n Roll, Etc.

Dreams of Donuts #21 got a review in the June 2015 issue of MRR, and, well, I'll just type it out...
Dreams of Donuts #21 : I'm in a perzine avalanche this month and damn, the Dear Diary issue isn't as awesome as this zine usually is, but it's still charming.  I just didn't get into it like I usually do.  This comic has rad and intricate illustrations I've come to love, but this issue is surprisingly hopeless and full of sad subject matter, or mundane.  Not that a bummer fest is bad necessarily, and it is tempered with some highs, there are just more lows and a lot of heartbreak.  Unrelated strings of thought that can only come from diary entries, which, no matter what anyone says, I really think are just for the person and nobody else.
Ouch!!!  Actually, it's not that bad, and I pretty much agree with everything Julia Booze said.  This issue is also the first time I work with MRR as a demo reviewer, which is a lot harder then I thought it would be!  Here's one of my reviews!
Putrid Cause - "Super Happy Fun Time
Friends" - If the band BUCKETFLUSH
were potheads instead of alcoholics, you would
have PUTRID CAUSE.  Actually, why haven't 
they toured together or done a split yet?
Either way, punk as hell.  This is a band I could
really see at Libertatia with a circle pit
up front kicking up hella dust.  If that is
your thing, this tape is for you, but prepare
for a lot of empty tape after three or
four songs on each side.  Next time maybe
they could order shorter tapes?  (Added 
bonus, each tape comes with a rolling paper!)
I think I'm doing okay so far.  Also, I'm still working on Dreams of Donuts #22.  Probably about half way done at this point.  

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