Friday, August 7, 2015

Someone wrote this on Reddit

'Dreams of Donuts' by Heather Wreckage.
An intimate perspective at the life and times of Bay Area punk babe Heather Wreckage. Quirky, funny, and surprisingly informative. Dreams of Donuts does an awesome job at presenting really vulnerable parts of this persons life in a format that is difficult to not relate to. The effects of which cause the reader (at least myself) to reevaluate their(my) own vulnerabilities and insecurities. Which is refreshing and hopefully good.
Among the funny and sobering occurrences of her day to day life, she also writes about cool D.I.Y resources, alternative dwellings, places to see secret shows, and other interesting shit. I couldn't recommend Dreams of Donuts anymore (I could but I don't want to). It's a great comic. It's changed my life, not much, but for the better.
You can pick up a copy if you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area at some local record/book stores (Thrillhouse preferably), but aside from that you can also order them here I recommend ordering the anthology which is the first 10 issues for 5$ (it comes with a cool handmade hardcover!).
Happy readings or whatever.

I don't know who wrote this, but it's hecka sweet.  I don't usually meet or recieve feedback from my readers, so when I find something like this it really makes me want to keep going.

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