Sunday, October 30, 2011

Maximum Rock and Roll Review

From the November 2011 issue:

DREAMS OF DONUTS #12 / $1 US $2 International ppd / trades accepted
 5.5 x 8.5 - copied - 24 pgs
Very earnest, handwritten and illustrated zine detailing a slice of life from the author about living in Oakland, going to see local bands she likes, rescuing a dog, and being in a relationship.  This issue focuses largely on her relationship and its expiration, then her means of coping with it.  Most interestingly, she discusses examples of prejudice examples of prejudice against parents within her community and her own reticence and nervousness about dating a parent as well.  Her illustration is endearing and memorable and the handwriting shifts styles according to the section in a way that subconsciously reinvigorates the reader's interest with each new topic discussed.  Apparently, the next issue will be written during and inspired by the author's travels and it should be interested to see how she transcribes life on the road into another delightful zine. (SL)

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