Friday, November 4, 2011

Dreams of Donuts #13

It took me FOREVER, but here is the new issue of Dreams of Donuts. 

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  1. Hey Heather -- Sophie here, I used to consign your comics down a Comic Relief. I was just reading the new Slingshot newspaper and they mentioned Dreams of Donuts which reminded me that I wanted to get you to sell stuff at The Escapist (new shop in Claremont area of Berkeley). We're not doing consignment anymore, everything is paid upfront... and if Comic Relief owed you some money, we can pay it out, too. Email me or just go by the store, tell them I ordered from you... if you have any of the green collection, bring by 3 of those, 3 of issue #12, and then 5x of #13? Cool dude! Keep it up, looking better and better.