Monday, July 23, 2012

Dreams of Donuts #15

  It felt really good to finish this zine.  I'm pretty happy with it, and glad that I busted out two issues within a short amount of time.  The Titano interview got cut short because of limited pages, so the full interview will be at the bottom of this post. 
  I don't know what the hell is up with some of the pages being tiny and not readable, and I'm sorry, I'll ask a computer saavy  friend later this week for help.

Dreams of Donuts: First things first, you went from being a church youth leader to punk to bike messenger to hobo. How did strongman come to be next on your resume?

Titano: Well after hopping freight I started doing more rubber tramping with my girl friend Anna. Around that time I learned how to juggle 3 balls and the Carney blood started to warm in my veins.then I got some side show history books and fell in love! Immediately when I got back to Milwaukee and bought a set of Henry's juggling clubs and mostly stared at them.right around the same time sir Pinkerton started asking me if I was interested in doing sideshow strong man with the deadmans carnival but as I'm not into macho stuff very often.the interest slid off the back burner quickly. Every once in awhile he would ask again and I'd feel a little interest rekindle. They in the beginning of April 2011 .pinky asked again.all my friends told me I should try it.since I decided that for me this would b more about mind over matter I told him I'd give it a try.he said great get ready for the Turner hall show in 3 weeks.holy shit was my first thought for one Turner hall is a biggish venue and for 2 I don't know shit about being a Strongman.well they wanted me to rip a phone book in half and I said hell with that I'm a man of imagination .so I set the bar high. I was going to teach myself how to drive nails threw boards with my immediately I started to train my ass off or should I say hand.there I was in my back yard try to ignore great pain enough and learn how to focus my energy enough to drive a nail thru a 1 inch thick board.after about 5 days of painful trial and error I had my break thru and not only that but I drove the nail thru by a couple of inches.then ten minutes later adding to my excitement I drove the nail thru 2 stacked boards.but then I couldn't do the 2 boards again so I decided to try to up my power focus and drive a nail threw a frying pan and a board...this new attempted act was far more painful than the first.every failed attempt felt like I was taking a base ball bat and hitting a steel poll.while doing this training I was also putting my leather working skills to the test by making my epic leather gettup...I couldn't settle for the gym shorts suggested once again to much imagination for that sort of thing.well it was a week before the big show we had rehearsal and at this point I still hadn't successfully pierced threw the frying pan or the double stack of wood again.I showed up with my frying pan filled with little holes and gypsy Geoff saw it and asks if I had shot it with a 22 only to be surprised when I told him how the holes had really gotten there.well that day at practice not only did I Pierce the stack of wood several times I also pierced the frying pan over and over.apparently spectators help. Well I finished my costume that was luckily a big the show we had great performers and a great crowd I finished my set by rolling up the frying pan with my bare hands and getting a Mason block smashed on my head.

Dreams of Donuts: Why did you decide to call it Titano? Is Titano just a fictional character, or your alter-ego? Does Titano have personality traits that are different from your own?

Titano: Titano was subconsciously thought of because of Anna's accordion that I bought her which is also titano.
Titano is an alter ego in the sense that I act much more Stoic on stage.
But all the acts of strength are very much real

Dreams of Donuts: What sort of acts does Titano do?

Titano: In the little over a year that I've been performing as titano I've taught myself how to do quite a most recent was juggling bowling balls starting off with one ball contact juggling then working up to 3. My friend Lyndsy Dahl and I will be creating a bowling ball launcher soon to launch the balls at me from across the stage.before that I made some fire shackles for my chain breaking. Then before that was picking up people with my teeth.the list goes on. I have possibly the scarriest block head act I've seen.thanks Geo for introducing me to the world of block head that great'll just have to check out my show to find our the rest!!

Dreams of Donuts: Are you ever scared? Do you ever get hurt?

Titano: I ve only ever really been nervous really once and the was before the fire shackles escape.I didn't practice I just did it on stage.its a little freaky having burning shackles cuffed to your wrists.

Dreams of Donuts: What are upcoming plans for Titano and the Dead Mans Carnival?

Titano: Plans for deadmans carnival? Great great things!! We have monthly shows every first Friday at the miramar theater. Which have been a success. Lots of awesome fans to come and watch all of deadmans astounding performer's. From magic sir Pinkerton and his young apprentice dobbs.Tyler Ferraro and Jessi doing amazing acrobatics.gypsy Geoff juggling all kinds of stuff.the mighty Travis green master of hand walking. The list goes on Eric bang shocking and amazing with great escapes and a variety of other stunts and the lovely miss punch specializing in aerial silks and more.oink the clown.Oliver twist with his fire staffs.the queen of hoola hoops and of coarse the deadmans awesome band.

Dreams of Donuts: What advice do you have for all of those young kids out there with dreams and ambitions of becoming carnies?

Titano: All kids and adults should not think twice about living there creative dreams especially if that means side show,circus and Carney'll never find a funner more positive bunch of crazy creative people...its a family thing.also props to Eli who now resides in Berkeley Oakland area now you'll know him when u see him he's the king of the ring!!

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