Friday, July 20, 2012

Wow I actually finished a painting...

  I know I'm not the best artist, but I like to paint.  It's fun and it's therapeutic, and yet I have failed to finish a painting in over a year.  Since moving theres a lot of cardboard and broken wood lying around the house, so this is one of the many pieces.
  In other news, me and Enola D! of No Gods No Mattress will be taking her van Big D to the Portland Zine Symposium.  If your in the area you should come and give us your money or vegan sandwiches.  Or you can just say hi too.
  Also, I totally forgot about Zinewiki and my inaccurate page on it, but someone reminded me recently.  It says I live in Ashland, Or, which I haven't since 2009, but I'm not allowed to change it because it's about me.  So it someone is totally bored and around computers a lot, can you please change this?  That would totally rule and I would make you a mixtape.

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