Monday, September 10, 2012

Art Show at Thrillhouse Records

  I guess this was supposed to be a surprise party type thing for me that Eggplant was doing, where he would put up a bunch of my original illustrations and have my friends bands play and then lure me out there and surprise me.  But I found out about it, so now I'm gonna bring some new stuff too.  I think it's really sweet that these bay area folks are doing this, especially Robert.  So thanks ya'll, see ya on the 22!

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Heather Wreckage Art Exhibition and Opening PArty

                           OUT FROM THE WRECKAGE
                                           The Collected, Rejected, & Recent Works of Punk Artist Heather Wreckage
Heather Wreckage is a California born punk artist who has contributed her fine handy work to essential underground earth shakers like the Slingshot CollectiveOccupy OaklandHellarity Ensues Squat/house--as well as consistantly rock her zineDreams of Donuts. Now her friends are coming together to celebrate her art at the Bay Area's premiere DIY punk store Thrillhouse Records. Her art on display includes originals of fliers, her zines, illustrations to Slingshot Newspaper and asundry doodles. The show goes up September 11th and stays there until November 2nd. Viewing the art is free as well as the opening party happening Saturday September 22nd.

On the 22nd Heather Wreckage will unveil recent works with her friends performing music to intoxicate you. Contact form Sacramento, Awesome from Oakland, Waxy Tombs from SF, Freemoutain Pulsewave (featuring the guy from A Magic Whistle), Milk & Blood (featuring John Benson), The New Happiness (from Hell), Heatherz from Oakland and a couple of surprises all will make you quit your job and join underground artist movements.

Bring a copy of your zine to trade Heather for her new issue..which will be available on the shelf at Thrillhouse (3422 Mission St) and Long Haul in Berkeley(3124 Shattuck Ave).

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