Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Been Fun

  Sooo....I started this painting a WHILE ago.  Actually, in October or September of 2011, when I was living at Hellarity in the boiler room.  This canvas was in the living room, and Tony had put a dog with breasts on it with puff paint (or something).  During a house deep cleaning, it was gonna get tossed, so I grabbed it and started this.  It was meant to be my goodbye painting to Hellarity, since I was planning on moving to Seattle at the time.  Anywho, it took me til NOW to finish it!  And I didn't really finish it the way I wanted to, I half assed the girl in the middle cuz I'm so sick of working on this thing.  I like that in the right lighting you can still see the crude boob doodle behind it.

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