Sunday, September 16, 2012

Maximum Rocknroll Review

  My friend Tim told me yesterday that Dreams of Donuts #14 has been reviewed in the new issue of MRR, so I found it today to read it, and here it is:

Dreams of Donuts #14
Who among us Bay punx doesn't have a Hellarity House story of their own?  One of my more recent Hellarity memories involves showing up on Halloween with a posse of Misfits carolers and nobody recognized the songs?!  What the fuck!  Hellarity House was a long-term punk squat in Oakland that was on the rumored brink of collapse for years and yet managed to have an incredible run in a town that is ruthlessly aggressive to squatters despite having a huge house-less population.  Heather Wreckage chronicles one punk's experience in a brilliant comic format, exposing the good, bad, and downright ugly of the legend that is Hellarity House, or "Home Sweet Hell".  Someone had to do it, and I'm so glad this rad girl has stepped up to tell the tale and not some Old Crow-soaked crustlord waxing nostalgic.  Essential!  (FF)

  I was scared to read it because MRR isn't always very nice to me, but this review is SOOO fucking sweet!  I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was reading it!  Thanks MRR and FF, and Tim too for telling me about it.

  I noticed this issue of MRR has a lot of Sacramento-centric reviews.  Well, maybe not a whole lot, but a few.  My roommates band Rat Damage has one, as well at Tim's band Bucket Flush, plus one for Rad and Charles Albright.

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