Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thrillhouse Art Show Shenanigans

    Eggplant planned a big reception show on September 22nd, so I made my first visit back to the bay area since I moved.  Honestly, my first day in Oakland was super nerve-wracking for me.  I don't know why my last relationship fucked me up so bad exactly, but being in the same town and seeing all the same things was really hard on me.  Hailey Bop did her best to make me feel better with letting me share her room and taking me out to do fun stuff, so thanks gurrrl!
   The show at Thrillhouse went really fucking well.  I hung mostly paper from Dreams of Donuts #14 and #15, along with a handful of paintings.  The bands that played were mostly buddies and it was really rad.  I got to see Heathurzz and The New Happiness

 for the first time, as well as Eggplants band (?)

 and Contact

 from good old Sacramento.
  The show will be up til November 2nd, so I might add a little stuff here and there.
  The only thing I regret about the show is how drunk I got, cuz I don't remember a lot of it.  Also, most the bands associated with the Purple House canceled, so part of me got really hyper sensitive about that.
  I miss the bay area a lot, along with my super wonderful bay area friends (like Eggplant, who makes shows like this happen), so I really need to figure out a way to get over my anxiety with being there.  I'll probably be back again soon, though, (I'm going to bring my mom to thrillhouse cuz she really wants to see it).
                                         Muah hanging stuff
                                        Freemountain Pulsewave
                                         Drunk with Contact

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