Thursday, May 16, 2013

Atlanta Zine Fest

  I have been talking about moving back to Oakland for a couple of months now, with June being the month I would go.  But recently I had a change of heart.  It was partially due to a kind of mental breakdown type thing, of remembering emotions I had felt while living my last month there that I was incapable of dealing with, but also through that realizing and being so grateful for my amazing support network here in Sacramento.  So I decided to stay put in the Central Valley for the time being.
  The positive of that decision, is that all the money I had saved to move is now free for me to use for other interests.  So I decided to do one of my favorite things, and go to a newer zine fest in a city I have never been to before.  This time it's Atlanta.
  I'm really excited to go and take a vacation, but since I have never been there, if any of you readers know any cool houses, venues, etc, etc, in Atlanta, drop me a line!  I will be there in the beginning of June for five days or so.
  In addition to Atlanta, I also plan to stop off at two other zine fests in August (Portland and San Francisco).    San Francisco is a little intimidating, since that's where the big guns go, but I figure it's close so I might as well.

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