Monday, May 20, 2013

Angry Samoans/Crude Studs Flier

This took me a while, I think because the image was originally Sophie's idea.  I never thought I would be drawing an Angry Samoans flier ( I don't think I've ever even heard their music ) but the Crude Studs are my homies, so I had to do their flier right.  Either way, I hope that a lot of people attend this show since it's a new space and we should support any alternative venue we can get here in Sacramento, as well as the fact that a lot of bands don't like to pass through here, so we should give them a reason to want to.  Plus the Crude Studs totally rule.


  1. our draw in Sacto is real ehhhhh and always has been, so we're not expecting much. i think we drew maybe? 200 people out in Orangevale twop summers ago. but it's always rad to get an all-ages gig up anywhere. fyi anyone who's got $5 or can steal one/5 from their mom's cookie jar, i'll have pretty good small tonnage of $5 shirts unloading around 7pm if there's anywhere to pile them up onto. (40 men's plus whatever didn't sell from petaluma's pile(s) of 60 diff, plus whatever didn't sell in petaluma/friday from the girls/boys pile of 55 diff (wow that's a lot) (good ones too). wait in fact -- underneath that (crisscrossed so it doesn't get packed up on firday) is 10 more girls/boys, seeded to go to sat/sacramento (to replace "full screens" that'll get sold on friday for sure). man the interns are gettiog it together this year. (jk). remind me to give them a raise hahahaha.(jk). haha EVERYONE KNOWS YOU PAY INTERNS WITH CHEAP BEER. especially the imaginary ones.
    hey thanks for the flier. -- mike / angry samoans
    these are our five best "punk" songs (on records) and yeah it sounds sort of like the 1980 circle jerks our old contemporaries (before the circle jerks started to suck five minutes) Gas chamber / Lights OUt / My Old Man's a Fatso / Right Side of My Mind / Ballad of Jerry Curlan (then another five to ten that aren't quite as good, from the same first two albums)

    wait a better one, a pretty good cartoon/artwork

  2. "a lot of bands don't like to play here" well the Sacto "skins" beat up the green day little guys (and a few bystanders), and like it was a near-homicidal beatdown rumble, run for your life piece of fuckedupness (well documented by all the participants on the run for your life side). so G/D blew off playing Sacto for almost four entire years (until a Cattle Club gig again, on the second gig of their first club tour for DOOKIE).

    yet another proud moment in Sacto's goon squad history. in fact...our worst (most dangerous) gig ever next only to (Reno/Sparks, where else) was a godawful 21+ a few years back. no stage, playing on the floor, and the next day the moron fatass 250+ lb jocks (i weight 135, do the math) are threatening to beat my ass in our band's Myspace comments column because i dared to talk shit on them when they kept rolling into our guitar player / the mike stands / almost right into our guitar amps, what fucking morons. me and the bass player were backed up all the way into semi-hallway (by mid-set), truth. so yeah FUCK SACTO 21+'s. "mike, it's a town for people who like boiling in the august heat, and they breed kids who grow up likewise" ohhhh, ok.