Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm Home! Post-Atlanta Zine Fest

  I consider myself pretty lucky to have gone to the first ever Atlanta Zine Fest.  It was a very nice event with speakers, workshops, snacks, beer, and ZINES!  Day two was a little stormy, so attendance was smaller, but day one was pretty bumping.  Here are some blurry pictures from the event (my camera was found in a trash pile, so you get what you pay for, right?)  Also special thanks to Amanda Mills and all of the other people that worked hard to make this happen.

  I also brought home a couple zines that I really liked and wanted to mention.  This one is an Elvis collage art piece by my first friend and the zine fest, Edie!

  Next is a somewhat monthly newsletter about anarchist actions (as well as other actions) happening in the Atlanta area called Atlanta's Burning.  Think Modesto Anarcho but for Atlanta.  Issue 7 has an especially riveting account of an unplanned riot against the police in Edgewood neighborhood.  Their website is


 And one person I found especially interested was a younger person named Mary E. Golding, aka Meg.  Mary does a variety of comics that are really great all around, and you can see her stuff at

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