Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ama-zine Review

Recently I received a really cool zine in the mail made by prisoners called Ama-zine.  Not only is it full of rad articles and comics, but I stumbled upon a Dreams of Donuts review in it as well, which is hella sweet and flattering, by the way!  It's pretty inspirational that our incarcerated comrades are finding and making the time to participate in subculture by making zines while locked up, and I highly recommend ordering this zine and supporting their effort.  The zine has various contributors, but the main editor is named Jay Michael Martinez.  The address I have to order issues is: 
Eloy F. Martinez
P.O. Box 352
Batesville, TX 78829
And orders are $2.00 per copy.  And now for my review!

-Dec. 2013 Dreams of Donuts #17  I thoroughly enjoyed this comic-zine, by Heather Wreckage.  Her day-in-the-life style comic was one of the main reasons I was inspired to start my own zine.  The interview with Jimbo and his adventurous walk from Nevada to Seattle was quite educational.  Altogether, a good read.  A 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 (like this zine) 44 pages, for $2.00

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