Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MRR Review

I got a review of the new Dreams of Donuts recently by my girl Vanessa X of Asswipe zine!  It's probably one of the sweetest reviews I have ever gotten in my life!

Dreams of Donuts #19 / $2 US / $3  world or trade
8.5 x 11 - copied - 60 pgs
Most of the time, I don't wanna go to shows and socialize with people.  I'd rather stay at home, listen to music, and read badass zines like Dreams of Donuts.  One time I even went to a bookstore near my house and read five of them in one sitting.  This is by far my favorite comic zine around.  Dreams of Donuts showcases Heather's rad drawings with personal, real, and humorous stories about her punk-as-fuck lifestyle.  In this issue,  Heather tells us about her dating woes, being a girl in the pit, and the history of 510-BAD-SMUT, a hotline in the Bay Area that announces underground shows and events.  It even comes with a hand drawn BAD SMUT bumper sticker.  A lot of past issues have dealt with heavy shit, but this one was definatly the most fun to read.  Recommended to anyone and everyone.  This zine will inspire you, make you laugh, and probably make you feel less alone in this cruel, cruel world.  (VX)

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