Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Today was hella stressful.  In addition to being super depressed and perilously broke (if you've ever considered buying one of my zines now is definatly the time), I had to take Bart to work (which is like riding in a sardine can), then get a bunch of stuff ready for my 4:30 am (!!!) working interview at a bakery, including doing laundry, then finish this poster and then scan it to send to the organizers.  All that said, this scan looks like SHIT!  I don't understand why it turned out so bad.  Point being, I'm gonna drop it off to the organizer Elisa tomorrow after double work day cuz I can't deal with this right now.  Anyways, at least I got my errands taken care of?

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  1. i do not have tons of $ at the moment (as if i ever do) but could i commission you for artwork for a zine project? it involves cemeteries! :) you can email me at missmuffcake@aol.com